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28 Year Old John Crestani Gets Fired Then Builds A $500K A Month Business

John Crestani - Internet jetset review and affiliate program for working from home as an affiliate marketer.

John Crestani Internet Jetset Review

The John Crestani story starts off like many of ours. We find our self at a moment in life where we realize that there has to be more to life than what we have have accomplished so far. You have the same brain as the most successful marketers on the planet. So why is it that you are still not making $10,000 a month in profit? I believe the answer is that we have not found the right person to help us succeed. (Look Inside)

John Crestani is one of those people that most of us dream to become. Have you ever wanted to work for yourself and have the freedom to just go do things? John Crestani is no different than you or me. The only difference between all of us is that some people sit down and think of a plan and test it until it works. Now imagine if you were his room mate.

28 Year Old Gets Fired Then Builds A $500K A Month Business While Traveling The World

The headline above certainly grabs most peoples attention. The goal of this article is to get you to consider John Crestani’s affiliate mentoring program called Internet Jetset. In this program you will learn from start to finish how affiliate marketers make huge profits and have time freedom to live life. Before we get into the details of how John Crestani can help you succeed, let’s take a look back at where he came from and how he got to the point of earning $500,000 per month marketing offers. (Look Inside)

The Story Of John Crestani And Internet Jetset

In 2009 John Crestani was 21 years old and found himself faced with the fact that by the time he graduated from college he would fall into the same habit that most of us do, the 40 hour work habit. When you think of life sometimes you can see it coming. John chose to step back, walk away and take a journey to Thailand. In his bag was a book called the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. He had no idea how this little book would change his life forever. (Look Inside)

Thailand is a beautiful place to visit and work from and amazingly enough you will find many affiliate marketers move to this area for it’s beauty and peaceful culture. But something happens when you experience life with freedom, you find yourself searching for a way to make money on autopilot so that you can continue enjoying this lifestyle. In 2009 John Crestani had not yet developed a successful plan. There was no Internet Jetset Affiliate Program. There was only a small savings and a desire to turn it into a full time profitable internet business. John reached into his bag one day and found a book he had forgotten was inside. (Look Inside)

The Book That Changed John Crestani’s Life

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss has become the internet income bible for working from home and eliminating the need for a 9 to 5 job. In essence, you learn how to fire your boss and live off of passive recurring revenue earned from online methods.

Ferriss’s main point in the book is to stop the habit of trading time hours for money and build online internet opportunities that can, eventually, operate virtually on their own after you set them up: this is called passive income. These are what I refer to as internet soldiers. 24/7 working to make money even when we are sleeping.

John says he was really at a place where he had no direction and was unsure of where he was going to head next. He wanted something that would allow him to earn and have freedom but it seems to be out of his reach the same way it feels for most of us.

Without a friend to show you the way, you are on your own to succeed or fail and failing at internet marketing is part of the education. John Crestani failed more than once and it was  at the age of 22 that he learned an extremely valuable lesson. Never give up and always get up – if life knocks you down.

Crestani used his own desire and tips from the book to build an affiliate marketing group that generates $200,000 to $500,000 per month, enables him to travel around the world, and can be scaled up or down as needed. This is where having John Crestani as a mentor and team partner benefits you.

Learn How John Crestani Made $5 Million Last Year From Affiliate Marketing

John was no different than you or I. He failed miserably for years as he built his knowledge of the internet marketing world.

His first method of marketing was selling items on eBay. This experience earned John between $1,000 to $2,000 every single month, but, a phone call from the security team over at paypal stopped the growth. John’s business model had a flaw: Crestani was selling products that were not approved by paypal. John’s account was closed and that business fell by the wayside. (Look Inside)

So Crestani enrolled in classes and made an attempt to make it big helping his classmates succeed. Introduced to computers before the age of 10, Crestani used his knowledge and skills to acquire the answers to the schools online courses – and he used those answers just as you would think.

He sold the answers and made a killing.  I did not realize a PDF file could be worth so much money. It was my first experience of trading information for money,” says Crestani.

This sale of information is what provided John his first $1,000 day. But the party (and the cash flow) didn’t last long. Crestani was suspended as soon as the school came to suspect that he had acquired the course answers.

Despite these failures, Crestani never lost the ultimate goal. The 4-Hour Workweek book and guidance was always in the back of his mind. It planted the thought, the seed, the idea that you don’t need to trade time for money.

John did not realize at that moment how close he actually was to success and ultimately it would take being fired from a very good advertising job to propel him in the right direction. (Look Inside)

John Crestani Was Fired – And Went On To Make As Much As $500,000 Per Month From Affiliate Marketing

At the age of 22, John landed a “real working job” for an internet marketing firm in L.A. The company specialized in pay-per-click advertising on search engines. Crestani taught himself the ins and outs of online advertising and was soon running more than 20 customer accounts, writing compelling ads, and using smart bidding tricks to drive huge sales volume.

He was so good at running paid advertising that he multiplied a client’s business by 40 times. His boss was raking in more than $100,000 per month of additional business from the account and John Crestani had become an online advertising genius. (Look Inside)

John decided he was worth more than he was being paid: he politely asked for a raise but his boss looked at him over the counter and said, or what? Instead of receiving praise and personal feeling of value to the company, Crestani’s boss simply told him to get back to work. John was crushed.

Crestani was mentally wiped out from that point on and eventually his unappreciative boss fired him. John had been busting his tail on the side to get clients for himself to keep him moving forward while he pursued the real dream: build a multi-million-dollar business where he’d never have a boss again.

The Beginning Of The Internet Jetset Super Affiliate System By John Crestani & The Super Affiliates

John Crestani had proven himself in the world of internet marketing and advertising. His goal was to travel the world and see amazing places but he also needed to be paid while he was traveling. With his background in advertising, all he needed was a product. (Look Inside)

One of the easier methods was to promote other peoples products as an affiliate online and all he had to do was run successful ads to a target audience and reap the rewards of commissions that were generated every time a customer purchased a product.

The first product line John chose was a homeopathic product that generated a $40 commission on a sale of $90 to the customer. With a successful launch under his belt it was time to scale the offer up to a larger audience. Now it is through this team work that millions of dollars in sales can be made.

Remember, the Internet Jetset concept is nothing new, but it is the ability for successful people to share this knowledge with new affiliates that makes a difference in the pockets of each member. In my opinion I would rather train along side of a successful affiliate marketer than to try an create my own system and fail multiple times. It’s much easier to copy a proven system. (Look Inside)

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Learn How John Crestani Made $5 Million Last Year From Affiliate Marketing
Learn How John Crestani Made $5 Million Last Year From Affiliate Marketing

John Crestani is an affiliate marketer who teaches how to make money as an affiliate. John can show new affiliate marketers how to use his system Internet Marketing Jetset or IM Jetset to make money online, from home anywhere in the world. John Crestani operates the Super Affiliate System.

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