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How To Earn $200 A Day Working From Home. The Best Ideas For Making Money.


Ok here we go. You are sitting down in your computer chair I would imagine, and you are searching for how to make money online. It seems we may have caught your attention with our article headline, so I hope you have a few minutes to read what I am about to share. First, let’s divide all of us into the separate types of people who are online. We all have a different idea of what we would like to do to make money online. So, let’s take a deeper look. Here we go.

1. People Who Want To Work And Get Paid For Their Time

This is the most common type of job. I work, I do a service and I get a check. Most people want to clock in and work their scheduled hours and get a check. I was frustrated with the hourly thing and an ungrateful boss, so I started a window cleaning business and made an average of $250 for 4 hours cleaning windows. Not bad. And now you are thinking to yourself, Oh I would do that! Well why haven’t you then? It’s probably because the idea never crossed your mind before and you are not sure how to get it started. This is why you are here, on this website. We do have some really good ideas on how to make money online and offline. More on this later. (Look Inside)

2. Working A Dream Job And Getting Paid Enough To Live

What is your dream job? Take a few minutes and think about it. Mine was becoming a scuba instructor and teaching scuba diving in Maui, Hawaii. At 23 I was just out of the USAF and had made a decision, at 23, that I was going to work a job I enjoyed and loved. For 3 months, I was able to accomplish this dream. I unexpectedly had to return to Florida and even though Florida is filled with scuba diving shops, I was unable to provide for my family. This dream job died because the money was not there. Later, I built a retirement company, I had 5-offices, and made $1.1 million a year in commissions. After expenses and payroll I made $170,000 a year. By 2010 it was all gone. 1 recession, ate me  for lunch. So the dream begins again. Here we go.

3. The Reality Job, You Know, To Pay The Bills

For most of us the reality hits and we realize that life costs money and family and kids and cars and electric and food costs money. We find ourselves making sacrifices and giving up on our dreams. The truth is that we all dream and have desires to make it financially, but life gets in the way. So how do we get back to our dreams? How do we find our way back to that hope and desire? From my chair I see only one way and that is, we must follow someone who has paid for the struggle and learn from them.

4. Follow A Leader And Learn From Their Mistakes

If you are like me then you turn to the internet and with a little hope and desire, you start browsing the how to make money forums and message boards. You sign up for some email stuff and and the first of many ‘buy my shiny thingy’ and make money emails begins to arrive. We see tools for getting noticed and tools for making sites prettier and tools for making videos and tools for making what? Another tool? Come on what gives here? I am so tired of buying plugins and pages and link builders and… I need help! I need a person who can show me what they have failed at (20) times and then show me the (1) that made them money and how. Stat! Fast! Now! Running out of time.

5. I Need A Real Life Guru, But One Who Does Not Lie

So we find ourselves needing to trust someone. We need something, anything, hope, can you help me? Then we start to realize, We are all selling something. In order to get money for anything we must offer something that creates a transaction. We sell our skills, we sell our time, we sell our stuff our opinions our failures. We sell information and creativity. What do you have for sale? What are you good at? What do you no longer need that you bought previously? Everything is for sale and everyone is buying something. Did you know that the number (1) seller on the internet is still: Information

6. Information Sells, Tools Sell, Help Sells..You Need To Be The Middle Man/Woman

Ok Steve, how do I sell information and make money? Really? You just asked me that? I’m not telling you until you buy my $49 eBook. What? Just kidding.  Now do you see? So where are we? You want something and I have something that you need and now I am going to ask you to trade your beads or pig or goat or gold, YES gold is good. Diamonds are better. But something is going to transact here. Someone is going to buy something and someone is going to sell something. Money exchanged. Profit made. Done.

7. I Forgot To Talk About Being The Middle Person In Paragraph 6

Are you creative and can you write the most bestest ebook of information on a subject? I thought I could. I thought I was greeaaaaatttt! But then I think I have Adult ADD also. I am berry berry busy. I am always running around helping someone, helping family, going to a birthday a dinner an occasion a… well you get the idea. Life sucks my hours up like a Strawberry Milkshake. The hours go faster, every day they go faster and the time is moving too fast and I think I am sleepy now, I should nap. Oh dang it, the middle person. Let’s talk about the middle person, being the middle person in a transaction. Making money online. You and I need to make money online. We need to get paid. We need it to happen without us being awake. We need to become an affiliate of something. How to make $200 is what the title said!

8. How To Make $200 A Day Working From Home

There. We made it here. Paragraph 8. Geeze. $200 is a magic number. For some people $200 a day is more than enough and for others, it is a step in the right direction. My mortgage used to be $3,200 a month. By the time I added all my bills together I needed to make $10,000 a month just to pay the bills. Sometimes we let life take control of us and, …well that is what happens. $200 a day is $73,000 a year. Not bad, but not the prime millionaire lifestyle I was thinking of. At $73,000 a year we can live like the neighbors and finance a cool car, maybe a Toyota or something. So you see, we are all different. Carol over here needs $200 a day and Michael over there, well he needs $1,000 a day so that after taxes and expenses and fees and tools and stuff, stuff and more stuff.. he can make a net profit of $500 a day and now he has a net of $182,500 a year to build something with.

9. What Happened To Michael’s $365,000 A Year Income

Oh I forgot to mention that Michael spends $200 a day on facebook ads. So what the firetruck! How am I supposed to get going and learn all of this stuff and… $200 a day in facebook ads? I need to find another website that tells me the easy way.

Are you kidding me? I read to paragraph 9 just so this guy could tell me to spend $200 a day in facebook ads. Hold on! Hold on. Hang in there. Settle..breathe…

10. You Need A System With Simple Steps – Let’s Look At One Now