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Q&A – Internet Income Magazine

Q. What is the purpose or goal of Internet Income Magazine?

A. We want to share information about what is out there. The internet is overwhelmed with information, ideas, product and tools. We want to provide a value by finding opportunities and products that work. Ones that will help you make internet income.

Q. Can you help me make a part time or full time income online?

A. I believe that you have the same brain as the guy or girl in the video or article you are viewing. If this person can make a full time living on the internet, then so can you. All you have to do is follow the right blueprint or guide. You just need help, information and some real guidance. This is not rocket science, you just need to learn what to do and how.

Q. I see a lot of ads regarding John Crestani and IMJetset?

A. John Crestani’s program, IMJetset was introduced to me and I chose to become an affiliate. Most of us are trying to make money online and often we are doing it wrong. John teaches how to step back, look at the market and facebook ads and then launch campaigns that are virtually guaranteed to succeed by targeting little unknown niches or products people are buying that no one is competing with. His program is a goldmine of unique techniques.

Do not make this hard. You simply need a starting point and a goal. Pick something and get started and soon you will be the person who is the expert and making money online, 24/7 while you sleep, play or vacation with family. – Quote from Steve Moore