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Yes, I Can Get Your Business Into The Google Top 3-Pack. (Watch Now)

Any Business Anywhere: In this audio we discuss why your business is not in the google 3-pack.

Transcription of Audio Article:

Ok let me jump right in here, I’ve got just a few moments to grab your attention. I need to tell you what this is about. This is about the Google Local Places.

Your business is NOT listed in the Top 3 for your sector.

So if you’re an attorney or if you’re an air conditioning company an auto mechanic, whatever service it is that you offer, when someone goes to the computer they generally will type in whatever I guess the service or the subject is that they are looking for and then they’re gonna follow it up with normally the city they are in.

So let’s say we’ll use attorneys for example. They will go in and type in divorce attorney Houston and your gonna get Top 3 results that come up, its called the Google 3-Pack. Now your business, if you’re in the Google 3-Pack as one of the Top 3, that’s fantastic great for you. But for the majority of you business owners if you’re not in the Top 3 in the Google 3-Pack then the majority of the phone calls from new customers seeking your service, are going to someone else. You’re missing out on all that business. So you have to ask yourself the question of how much is it worth for my business to be in the Top 3 in the Google 3-Pack.

For an attorney 1 customer can be you know 5, 10, 15, 20 thousand dollars. If your a financial professional you know one account, one transfer, can sometimes mean tens of thousands of dollars. If you are an estate planning attorney these are thousands of dollars in fees you know, there’s so many different things. An air conditioning company can make what 3-4 thousand dollars in profit off of one customer so.

Who I am speaking to today is not the guy that is in the Top 3 of the Google 3-Pack, it’s the guy, it’s the business owner I should say, that is not in that Google 3-Pack. We need to get you into that 3-Pack. So what I want to do, real quickly since your still with me, lets review what is on this page that you are looking at. In the top left hand corner there is a drop down menu. You can click on that menu drop down and visit any of the pages within that menu. On the main page here we have 6 different topics or 6 postings. The first one is the one you are listening to now Top 3 Search Results. The 2nd one is a little bit deeper dig or dive into the fact that the Top 3 ads are the ones that are getting all the business, and if your not in there, you’re not getting that business. The 3rd posting is Top 3 Dominate Your Local Market. This talks a little bit further about what the dominating your market is and what we mean by that, and how we can get you there. So below that your going to see 3 postings. Week 1 case study, Week 2 and Week 3.

In this example a tree or excuse me a roofing company was used in this demo and so it’s Overland Park Kansas and so in week 1 you’re going to see that the keyword phrases, the anchor releases, the anchor text, nothing’s been done and the company is not even in the Top 3 for their keywords and phrases. In week 2 we start to get into the Top 3 in the Google 3-Pack and by Week 3, we are in the 3-Pack and moving forward, so this is one of those examples that can be applied to any business so lets recap this.

If you’re not in the Top 3 on the Google 3-Pack, then you are missing all of that business, so I need you to ask yourself the question:

What is the value of new clients calling your office instead of calling your competitors office.

We hope you enjoyed this site we will talk soon and please enjoy the rest of the videos and audios.

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